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The automobile shredder is classified as a dust emission source, and will require permitting. Generally, there are operating parameters, which include limiting dust emissions. While Dust Suppression is less expensive than Dust Collection, it is not allowed in many areas. Where it is allowed, we offer an automatic, computer controlled water injection system, with atomized compressed air to suppress dust, & cool VOCs, so that less visible emissions are generated. The volume of water spray modulates, per desired customer settings, via feedback control loop from the shredder motor amperage. When the shredder is at “idle” there would be no wasted water flow. Compressed air is injected with the water to generate “Cold Steam” which greatly multiplies the water spray surface area. Two or Four Spray nozzles are strategically placed above the rotor, and are generally machined from standard Side Liner Bolts. The Spray Bar Headers, with vibration isolation, are mounted on the Shredder Bonnet.

The AWIS (Automatic Water Injection System) varies the water flow based on the shredder motor current and/or speed. The controller opens the valve in proportion to the range of motor current configured and/or motor speed configured. The AWIS also meters the water usage and displays the flow rate. The ball valve has and equal percentage response to flow. IT is not perfectly linear.

The AWIS includes and “over-ride” feature that will open the valve 100% as fast as possible and open the bypass flood valves. The feature is triggered by either and operator push button on the face of the panel, a remote contact closure, a temperature switch, or and RTD. The “over-ride” feature is reset when the operator clears the push button or when the temperature switch/RTD temperature declines. This feature is also known as “Flood Mill”. The override button is energized and the system automatically floods the mill for suppression.

The AWIS can be configured for any user range of motor current using an isolated 4-20mA signal. Typically, the idler motor current is set to valve closed position 0%. The full load motor current would be some higher percentage of valve position.

The motor speed could also be configured such that the idle speed would be the low flow rate and the lower speed would be the higher flow rate. The motor speed is detected fron an NPN type proximity sensor on the motor shaft. The motor speed is configured against the proximity sensor frequency.

When the AWIS is not in running mode, the controller will automatically shut the valve. The operator can open the valve on the valve page with the manual feature.

The AWIS requires a 100 to 130VAC, 10A maximum, single phase, 60Hz power source.

Technical Design Features:

• Modulating Ball Valve, Compressed Air Solenoid, & Flow Meter hardware.
• Control Cabinet with Touch Screen, mounted at Operator’s station.
• Customer supplies typical City water (1.5” line) and compressed air.
• Options: Dust Buster foam systems can be added, for higher efficiency.


Our Shredder Dust Collection Systems can be designed to meet almost any emission limitation. These generally address Particulate, Visible, & VOC emissions. For moderate limits, we offer a Primary Cyclone, followed by a High Energy Venturi Scrubber. For more strict limits, we would add a “HEAF” Disposable Filter Media, and more power. The Water used for the scrubber process is pumped through a “closed Loop” which normally returns to an in-ground sump pit. Multiple fans are used in series, for higher performance systems.

Technical Design Features:

• Steel Support Structure, with Wrap-Around Platforms, Ladder access.
• Main Explosion Hood with Bolt-On Rubber Flaps.
• Airstream parts: Heavy Plate Construction, AR400 in wear areas.
• Hydraulic pump for adjustable pressure in Venturi Scrubber.
• Mist Pad installed in Separator vessel.
• Multiple Access Doors for ease in internal inspection & cleanout.
• Industrial Class IV Fans w/ V-Belt Drive, TEFC Motor w/ Guards.
• Submersible Sewage Pump with Quick Pullout Mount.
• “HEAF” Controls & Pressure Gauges.

Options: Above ground covered Sump Tank, Variable Frequency Drive for auto fan volume adjustment, Heat Trace & Insulation for Cold weather.


Shredders are faced with meeting air quality regulations which include controlling blue smoke, dust emissions, and mitigating explosion risk. A unique and effective foam spraying system injected directly into the shredder is an alternative to minimize the problems of blue smoke and dust while minimizing explosion risk and velocity. Shredders are designed to withstand the force of the impact from metal projectiles inside the chamber. Under normal conditions, shredders are very noisy, dusty and produce blue smoke from residual fluids in the feed stock. Explosions are also common during shredding; this is a result of fluids, gases or even airbags left in the vehicles. Usually, explosions do not seriously damage the shredder, but they are an issue for both plant workers and surrounding neighborhoods and always a safety concern. An effective foam suppression system includes; advanced control equipment which is efficient, safe to handle and an environmentally safe foaming agent.

Foam has been proven successful in over a decade of use at solving the problems of explosions, blue smoke, and dust in shredders throughout North America.