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The first downstream component, after shredding, is generally an oscillator (or vibrator) which is designed to meter the shredded material onto downstream conveyors, with a constant, homogenous flow. This component must be highly abrasion resistant, and able to handle constant shock load, and frequent explosive forces. Oscillators are “positive displacement” devices, that use a Camshaft Drive, transmitting a generally High amplitude, low frequency motion through Rocker Arms & Reactive Coil Springs. Vibrators are “Passive Displacement” devices, that have an eccentric weighted motor (or motors) mounted under the vibrating deck, and sit on isolation springs. These units operate at a generally higher frequency. Vibrators are also used at the Magnetic Separator area, and in the Non ferrous Process area.

Technical Design Features:

• Declined Deck Angle for increased production rates.
• AR 400 Liners for abrasion resistance.
• UMO Drives through Cam Shaft, at rear of deck.
• Vibratory feeder on Coil Springs, Dual Eccentric Vibrator Drives.
• Coil Spring Bump Stops & Retainer devices for overstroke protection.
• Deck Subframes are designed to absorb explosions without damage.
• Deck Sidewalls are sealed to shredder discharge hopper for dust control.

Options: Variable frequency drives, Marshmallow springs.


There have been a number of different loader designs utilized over the past few years. This design takes into account, the best features of those past efforts, and then applies them to today’s application for loading different shredded metal products as quickly and efficiently, as possible.

Technical Design Features:

• This unit will move approx 60 tons per hour on an estimate of 50 pounds per cubic ft of material.
• Structural Steel Skid Frame requires no foundation preparation. Move as desired.
• Truck Bumper & Guide Rails included for exact positioning.
• For use as a 40’ loader, or for loading dense scrap, merely add ballast to the rear of the skid frame.
• 60” wide process line allow for maximum loadout of standard 90” wide container space.
• Vibratory Feeder uses proven dual Italvibras Vibratory Feeder Drives.
• Vibratory Feeder includes AR steel liner, Non-clogging hopper design.
• Upper hopper can be field modified for lower feed height (10-4” min.).
• 60” wide Conveyor has smooth wall exterior frame, with rounded end caps, for no “hang ups” or damage to containers, or conveyor.
• 20 degree Picking Idlers for maximum product spread, minimum leakage.
• Belt - 3 Ply MOR with Flexco lacing.
• Motorized Head Pulley results in NO protrusions outside of frame.
• Variable speed Belt offers high speed empty, and slow speed near full.
• Weatherproof Control Enclosure prewired and tested. Pigtail connection.

Options: 20’ Modular Frame Extension for 40’ containers, Ramsey Belt Scale to reduce later load adjustments; Retractable BackSplash Plate reduces spillage in near full container.


Drum feeders use:
• A typical “off-Line” Non ferrous process requires a method to batch feed ASR from a stockpile, into a separate Non Ferrous process.
• A normal “On-Line” product stream, is sometimes taken “off-line” for downstream equipment maintenance, etc. This stream then requires a Drum feeder to Re-Feed from a stockpile, back into the process.

Our Drum feeder is comprised of a Surge Hopper, Vibratory Feeder, & an Adjustable Height & Speed Metering Drum, all mounted on a Support Stand.

Drum feeder sizes correspond to vibrator deck with, which are available in 36”, 48” & 60” wide units. The downstream conveyors generally match the vibrator size, and offer various process rates for different products.

Technical Design Features:

• Steel Tubing Support Structure,
• Surge Hopper with Flanged top for possible extensions.
• Vibratory feeder on Coil Springs, Dual Eccentric Vibrator Drives, AR liners.
• Coil Spring Bump Stops & Retainer devices for overstroke protection.
• Drum with paddles driven by Variable Frequency speed control.
• Adjustable Height Drum Swing Arms.
• Adjustable Chain supports allow oversize to discharge without jamming.

Options: Larger Hopper extensions, Fines Hopper De-bridging kit.