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Hammermills International is the exclusive distributor of Hyosung (HICO) motors for the metal shredding industry. Hyosung’s high voltage motors not only have the design capability that satisfies the broad specifications and certifications from NEMA, IEC, IEEE but also meet customers’ diverse needs. They are a low-vibration and low-noise thanks to premium insulators, thorough process control and quality control. Special varnish treatment and double cage structure type enable the motor to endure various load conditions such as wider inertia of moment.

A. The HICO shredders are primarily offered as a "Wound Rotor" design, although induction motors are also available. When comparing these robust shredder duty motors with other brands currently supplied to this industry, there are some major differences:

1. The overall weight of the same size HICO motor is typically at least 10% heavier than competitors.
2. HICO deliveries currently run half the time of other suppliers(24 weeks versus 1 year is typical)
3. Warranty is twice as long! ( competitors offer 1 year from shipment as typical) HICO offers, the shorter of 2 years from date of shipment, or 18 months of production!.

HICO shredder duty motor design offers high breakdown torque, various pole designs to match different shredder speed requirements.


GWB driveshafts include a wide range of products for multiple applications, covering a torque range from 2.400 to 15.000.000 Nm.


In partnership with Dunamis Engineering, Hammermills offers the following products:


Complete Control System for your Recycling needs!

Fully integrated controls, customized to fit your requirements. Our standard system for a complete new control system includes but is not limited to:

• Integrated control cabinets containing power distribution, motor control, and PLC controls
• PLC/HMI based control system with local and remote IO. The operator touch screen in the control room will control the entire ferrous downstream; the nonferrous downstream and hydraulic units can also be interlocked and tied into the same touch screen.
• Ethernet, SCADA for remote tracking, assistance and monitoring
• On screen monitoring and tracking for real time data, tons hour average as produced real time, tons/hr, tons/day, tons/week, tons/month, tons/year.
• Programmed interlocks, to be coordinated with hydraulic and main motor starting
• All cabinets pre-wired and tested
• Includes all full voltage non reversing starters, full voltage reversing starters, VFD's, electronic soft starts, as required.
• Field Mounted operation stations (each station has local HOA, E-stops, etc.)
• Dedicated controls with handheld pendant, interlocks and illuminated, indication lights for interlocks including 50’ whip for pin puller operation, “Hands on Safety Operation”
• Pre wired, user friendly, shredder operator control room, heated, air conditioned, lights, insulated, safety windows, outlets and breaker panels.
• Operator HMI touch-screen computer with dial in capability
• Ergonomic, operator control chair, pre wired with e-stops, joy sticks and auxiliary controls, built on a riser to allow better field of view.
• Operator panels for motor controls, zone e-stops
• Complete electrical control documentation, we also assist with working with your local power company to obtain the necessary approvals.
• We provide the following: Electrical one line diagrams, panel layout drawings, schematics and wiring diagrams, system bloc diagram’s, assistance with location plan, wire and conduit schedule, IO list, user’s manual, completion testing checklist, sequence of operation diagram.

Optional: Inferred cameras can be supplied with our system or existing cameras can be integrated with our software for real-time monitoring.

Our staff offer’s full consulting services for power distribution, HV feasibility and power study and integration of pre-existing equipment with new. We also offer customized trending and tracking programs to suit individual needs. We also offer a large selection of transformers new, rebuilt and used for you application.


Shredders require high torque and current control during operations. A liquid rheostat limits the motor current while providing high torque. The ACLR rheostat has a unique algorithm that maximizes the motor speed while limiting the current.

The Adjustable Current Liquid Rheostat (ACLR) in conjunction with a wound rotor motor can start and/or control the current and speed of almost any high inertia load. The ACLR is a continuous movement system that can be adapted to most types of loads or system responses. One universal design for either starting duty or continuous duty.

High Inertia loads such as ball mills, etc. require current limiting to successfully start the load and bring it up to operating speed. The ACLR does this with continuous resistance adjustment until the operation speed is met. This continuous movement results in smooth acceleration of the load while limiting the starting current. Maximum current, hold time and acceleration time are adjustable based on the system requirements. The system is also configured for fail-safe operation and can be interfaced with existing control systems. The shorting contactors used are fully rated 5 kV contactors.

Shredder systems require current limiting during normal operation while maximizing speed. The ACLR coupled with a heat exchanged and a cooling water source accomplishes this task easily. The control system optimizes motor speed while limiting current for successful motor protection and operation.


The Hagglunds direct drive systems from Bosch Rexroth stand for quality and reliability beyond the ordinary.

A direct drive system consists of a motor, a drive unit and a control and monitoring system. The motor provides dependable power for any application and under the most demanding conditions. The driving force behind it is the drive unit, featuring fast-acting hydraulic pumps that bring total reliability to your drive system. The brains behind the brawn is the control and monitoring system. Flexible and easy to install, it puts essential functionality and information at your fingerprints.


More than a traditional gear and transmission design, Hägglunds drive solutions bring even greater advantage with the best assurance of performance, flexibility and reliability.

The compact CB range is suitable for many heavy-duty applications such as shredders, feeders and roll mills. Some of its many benefits are the space saving design and the versatile mounting possibilities.

The wide range of sizes and displacements enables optimization of the drive system when selecting the motor and the hydraulic pump combinations. The hole through the motor is another advantage, which can be very useful in some applications, for instance in drilling and boring.

The motor reacts quickly and the heavy duty design can take shock loads and stop instantly when required.


HMI provides a complete line of wear-resistant castings for all shredder applications including special design requests.  Depending on feed stock, location, application and other important considerations, we provide several special grades of manganese steel for maximum results and a lower cost per shredded ton.  Certain items like hammers and rotor caps can also be provided in our CS family of martensitic low alloy steels containing chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. We constantly redesign shredder components to accommodate specific needs of individual customers for any application.

Products include:

  • Hammers in manganese steel or low alloy steel
  • Grates of all types
  • Liners, including side liners and main liners
  • Front and rear walls
  • Rotor caps
  • End disc caps
  • Reject doors
  • Anvils
  • Cutter bars
  • Pin protectors
  • Feed roll teeth
  • Alloy Hammer pins to fit all shredder sizes
  • Forged alloy bolt assemblies for your side liners
  •   Alloy Tie bolts for shredder walls and rotor bearing tie downs