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Magnetic Separators are used in the scrap process stream to separate ferrous scrap from all non-magnetic material (Automobile Scrap Residue=ASR). Generally the volume split is approximately 50%/50% by volume; but 70%/30% by weight. Depending upon process rate, Drum Separators can be designed to use between 1 and 3 Magnetic drums of varying widths & diameters. We recommend that the first drum be fed by the upstream conveyor belt at a relatively high speed. This will make a “rough cut” that will produce a relatively clean ferrous product, without a major loss of tramp ferrous to the ASR stream. The use of multiple drum magnets would require the installation of Vibratory feeders, which travel at speeds much slower than belt conveyors; but have the advantage of breaking up clumps of entangled material, and then causing the ASR & Ferrous to separate more efficiently. With a multiple drum design, the drums must be very high efficiency, and if not, they will be the cause of excessive tramp ferrous loss in the ASR stream.

Technical Design Features:

• Structural Steel Frame, with Wrap Around Platforms, Stair access.
• High Side Skirts, Carbon/Stainless steel construction, Rubber flap dampers.
• Discharge Chutes with AR 400 Liners.
• Shredder Duty, High Strength Steinert Drum Magnets. Split Wear Covers.
• Adjustable Magnetic Field Angle
• DC Rectifier in Cabinet
• Gearmotor Drives with #200 Chain, Sprockets, & Guards.
• Vibratory feeder used on multiple drum design. S.S. Nose on deck.

Options: Adjustable strength rectifier, Covers.