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74" x 104" Hammermills Shredder

15 Spider Rotor
Hydraulic DFR
Feed chute with supports
3500 HP Siemenes Motor
Steel Belt Infeed Conveyor
Undermill Oscillator
Power Units
Price on Request


Shredder S/N 166
Top/bottom discharge
Reject door
Mounted on spring boxes
All cylinders
UMO, feed chute, DFR and Z-box, negotiable
Price on Request

Steinert 80" KSS 3D Separator

With controls, support stand, platform, roof,handrail.
In service less than 1 year
Price on Request

Steinert 80" KSS 3D Separator Unit #2

With controls, shaker, support stand, platform, handrail.
Includes Sullair air compressor (needs work)
In service less than 1 year
Price on Request

SGM Dual Cascade Sensor

(1) Blow up, (1) Blow down
96" wide units
With structure
24 extra air valves
Price on Request

Steinert 80" ISS Separator

Steinert 80
Model NES200 220 with Vibratory Feeder & Support frame
With controls
Price on Request

80 X 104 Newell Shredder TBD

Shredder Top Section
Shredder Mid Section - with reject door and both reject door cylinders
Shredder Bottom Section
Undermill Oscilator
Mill Lube Power Unit
(2) Feed Rolls
Pin Puller Cylinder
(2) Mill Tilt Cylinders
(2) Drum Magnets - 1 permanent approx. 60" diameter 48" wide - 1 elec. (no rectifier) 48" diameter 60" wide
Metal Tech Sensor Sorter
Price on Request

200 HP Fan/Blower assembly

490 HRT SW
Rockwell VDF Power flex 700H AC Drive 480V
Price on Request

300 HP Fan/Blower assembly

600 HRT SW
Rockwell VDF Power flex 700H AC Drive 480V
Price on Request

96" x 104" Spider Rotor

Rotor is straight
Needs about 40 hours build up on end discs
Manufactured for 5-7/8" diameter pins
Comes with 60 new helmet caps
Price on Request

80" SGM ISS Sensor Sorter for S/S and residual metals sorting.

Unit comes with controls and side panels
Does not include the air compressor or vibrating feeder table
Price on Request

Alstom 7000 HP "Never Used"

13.2 kV
60 Hz
446 RPM
Serial # DOX4535
16 pole
Slip ring Shredder Duty
Bearing RTD's 1 each
Winding RTD's 1 each
Anti condensation heaters
Proximity speed sensor
Arc detectors
Differential CT's on stator leads
Surge capacitor
Totally enclosed "Liquid Cooled"
Price on Request

Hyosung 6000 HP Wound Rotor Motor

Never used
Shredder Duty
Frame No. 1000
16 Pole
4160V primary
888.9 FLA
445 RPM
60 Hz
Protection IP24
Air cooled
Serial #LG80414201
Price on Request

(2) Rebuilt 60" diameter x 72" wide Dings Permanent Magnetic Drums

(1) Spare Shell (2) 25 HP Drum Drives
Price on Request