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Additional to the pictures and descriptions below we have:
• Hagglunds Drive CA 100, excellent working condition.
• (2) New EMSF-2R 80" belt (Fines).
• (2) Used EMSF-2R 80" belt (Fines).
• (3) New EMS-2R 80" belt (standard).
• (1) New Steinert 80" 3D sorter; sorter for metal and shape recognition.
• (4) New Steinert 80" FSS Camera color sorter; color, metal and shape recognition.
• (5) New Titech 48" Xtract sorter; X-ray (XRT) sort by density. Good for S/S recovery from Zurik.
• (3) Used Titech 72" Poly Finders. Good for ICW and PCB's recovery.
• (1) New Wendt MagPros, Fine Eddy Current system to recover fine aluminum.
• (2) Used CanSort 80" Metal sorter using paddles instead of air.

74" x 104" Hammermills Shredder

15 Spider Rotor
Hydraulic DFR
Feed chute with supports
3500 HP Siemenes Motor
Steel Belt Infeed Conveyor
Undermill Oscillator
Power Units
Price on Request

Newell 2006 60x104 Turnkey System

Ferrous Includes:
Complete infeed conveyor 110' long x 99" with CB-280 Hydraulic drive
Shredder with Electric double feedroll device
New sprockets
New rotor bearings
Newer rotor
New rotor bearing housings
Walls are straight
Pin Puller System
All hydraulic power units
Vibration springs
2000 HP DC motor
Air System with cascade box
All conveyors, platforms, walkways, stairs, ladders as installed
Scalping Fe system
Picking station
Radial stacker
Dual drum magnet stand
All spares including; belting, rotor bearing housings, spare conveyor parts, chain, shaker motor, liners, grates, hammers, pins, gear reducers, tie bolts, bearings, driveshaft, infeed pads, motors, pumps, hardware.

Non Ferrous includes:
36" Metering drum feeder
Transfer conveyors
Trommel screen with plant
Eddy current platform with 2006 SGM 60" VIS ECS and shaker table

System has had some of the electrical vandalized and some will need replacing, otherwise system runs well.
Price on Request


Shredder S/N 166
Top/bottom discharge
Reject door
Mounted on spring boxes
All cylinders
UMO, feed chute, DFR and Z-box, negotiable
Price on Request

Turnkey Shredding System

Bonfiglioli Model Drake 20 Hammer system
Includes ferrous Downstream
Includes non ferrous downstream system
Includes air system
All conveyorst
As equipped in aerial view
Price on Request

60x104 Newell Top Feed Shredder with Motor and Downstream

Steel Belt infeed conveyor
900 HP Schorch Motor
All electrical controls
All Conveyors
Crossbelt magnet
Drum Magnet
2 Bag Houses
Radial Stacker
Spare parts
All Hydraulic units
System was original set up to process aluminum
System is still in place and well maintained
Price on Request

Williams 60" x 60" Metal Shredder

Williams 60" x 60" Mill - Disc Rotor with 208 pound Hammers
48" In feed conveyor
1500 HP Diesel EMD Motor with Universal Shaft and Air Clutch
Motor Controls
Under Mill Oscillator
48" Drum Magnet
Fines Trommel
Spare Rotor Shaft & Bearings
Spare Ware Parts
Pin Puller
Operator Control House
36' Dings Eddy Current Separator
2nd Eddy Current Separator
Price on Request

(4) Used Wendt MagPros, Fine Eddy Current system to recover fine aluminum

Price on Request

Steinert 80" KSS 3D Separator

With controls, support stand, platform, roof,handrail.
In service less than 1 year
Price on Request

Steinert 80" KSS 3D Separator Unit #2

With controls, shaker, support stand, platform, handrail.
Includes Sullair air compressor (needs work)
In service less than 1 year
Price on Request

SGM Dual Cascade Sensor

(1) Blow up, (1) Blow down
96" wide units
With structure
24 extra air valves
Price on Request

Steinert 80" ISS Separator

Steinert 80
Model NES200 220 with Vibratory Feeder & Support frame
With controls
Price on Request

98" Shredder Base

Price on Request

80 X 104 Newell Shredder TBD

Shredder Top Section
Shredder Mid Section - with reject door and both reject door cylinders
Shredder Bottom Section
Undermill Oscilator
Mill Lube Power Unit
(2) Feed Rolls
Pin Puller Cylinder
(2) Mill Tilt Cylinders
(2) Drum Magnets - 1 permanent approx. 60" diameter 48" wide - 1 elec. (no rectifier) 48" diameter 60" wide
Metal Tech Sensor Sorter
Price on Request

Harris GS 1100 Guillotine Shear/Baler/Logger and 3 Conveyors

Installed new in 2005.
Hours as of December 2012: 12,473 Hours
Throat: 34” wide
Box: 25’
Shear force: 1,108 NT
Five 100 HP Motors (special wound to run up 150 HP)
Rated production: 17-27 tons per hour. We are experiencing this productionwith our material.

Three separate conveyors
All installed new in 2005
First conveyor is a shaker. 4’ wide x 25’ long.
Second Conveyor is a belt conveyer that we use as a picking line. 4’ wide x 26’ long
Third conveyor is a fiber belt radial stacker. 4’ wide x 60’ long. Height of discharge 22’ 10”
Available spring 2013. This machine is currently running 50+ hours per week
Price on Request

Vezzani Shear PC500AC 550 Ton

Machine is in excellent condition
Can be seen running
With controls, shaker operator room
Price on Request

Shred PAX AZ-160

Twin Screw Shear Shredder
Recent Rebuild
Rated Capacity 160 T/Hr
Cutter Width 2.720/2.717 inches
Shredding Chamber Dimensions 44" wide x 95.4" long
Shaft Diameter 5.5"
Torsional Shear 13,900
Twin 75 HP motor with gear reducers
New infeed hopper, new supports
New knives
New inlet hopper
New discharge hopper
New electrical controls
Auto Reversing
Emergency stops
Jam Sensing
Auto shutdown
Price on Request

Huron Valley Sensor Sort System (EMSS)

Shaker 85" wide x 128" length
Control Panel 36" wide x 84" long x 72" high
Splitter Box 104" wide x 74" length x 72" high
EMSS 21' long x 96" wide x 44" high
Total overall length 39' end to end
Panel View
Price on Request

200 HP Fan/Blower assembly

490 HRT SW
Rockwell VDF Power flex 700H AC Drive 480V
Price on Request

300 HP Fan/Blower assembly

600 HRT SW
Rockwell VDF Power flex 700H AC Drive 480V
Price on Request

96" x 104" Spider Rotor

Rotor is straight
Needs about 40 hours build up on end discs
Manufactured for 5-7/8" diameter pins
Comes with 60 new helmet caps
Price on Request

80" Disc Rotor

(11) Discs
4 7/8" pin holes
(6) pins
14" Bearing Journals
Price on Request

80" Spider Rotor

6 Arm
Cast spiders
10" Bearing journals
3 7/8" pin holes
104" wide outside of end disc to outside of end disc
66" diameter end disc
Capped end disc
Un-used, like new
Riverside rotor (Cap # 18645-2)
Price on Request

80" SGM ISS Sensor Sorter for S/S and residual metals sorting.

Unit comes with controls and side panels
Does not include the air compressor or vibrating feeder table
Price on Request

Alstom 7000 HP "Never Used"

13.2 kV
60 Hz
446 RPM
Serial # DOX4535
16 pole
Slip ring Shredder Duty
Bearing RTD's 1 each
Winding RTD's 1 each
Anti condensation heaters
Proximity speed sensor
Arc detectors
Differential CT's on stator leads
Surge capacitor
Totally enclosed "Liquid Cooled"
Price on Request

General Electric 2500 HP Induction Motor

Shredder Duty
720 RPM
4160 V
Benshaw primary starter
7.750 shaft diameter
Price on Request

2000 HP GE DC Motor

GE type: 5-GT598C2
Voltage: 600VDC
Speed: 600-750 RPM
Motor has been well maintained over past couple years, was operable before the system was de-commissioned. Motor is still coupled to shredder but power has been disconnected.
Price on Request

DC 2000 HP motors

One Motor is rebuilt, has never been in service since rebuild
One motor was operational when take out of service
One motor is disassembled, can be rebuilt and re-assembled or be used for spare parts.
Motor control cabinet included with field drives
2000 HP, 560/900 RPM, 750 Volts, Arm Amps 2120, Shunt Wound, PID Amps 61.4/32.0
Price on Request

(2) Toshiba Wound Rotor Motors with Liquid Rheostat

Toshiba Wound Rotor Motors, 1000 HP, 880 RPM, 4160V, 130 amp, 1100 Secondary volts, with Liquid Rheostat
Price on Request

Hyosung 6000 HP Wound Rotor Motor

Never used
Shredder Duty
Frame No. 1000
16 Pole
4160V primary
888.9 FLA
445 RPM
60 Hz
Protection IP24
Air cooled
Serial #LG80414201
Price on Request

General Kinematics Syncro - Coil Finger Screen

Like New
48" Wide
17'-1" Long
Screen Size - 1"
Excellent Condition
Price on Request

Undermill Oscillating Table 72" wide x 17' long

Original OEM Hustler
EXP Motor
6' Tall ( from elevation to top of side wall, overall height)
Narrows to 5'-6" at discharge (nose)
Rated tons/hr 150
Originally designed for 98x104
40% cars/60% sheet
Approximately 47-3/4" discharge height
1/2" liner on sides and floor
Price on Request

Undermill Oscillating Table 72" wide x 17' long

Eccentric Shaft Driven
6' Tall ( from elevation to top of side wall, overall height)
Originally designed for 98x104
Approximately 49-3/4" discharge height
3/8" liner on sides and floor
2 Degree of slope
Price on Request

(2) Rebuilt 60" diameter x 72" wide Dings Permanent Magnetic Drums

(1) Spare Shell (2) 25 HP Drum Drives
Price on Request

(2) 48" x 72" Eriez Drum Magnets

Drum Magnets with motors, drives, chains, guards and torque arms.
Comes with one new spare shell.
Price on Request

48 x 75 Radial Drum Magnet

The unit was refurbished & rewound as new.
The only used part is the internal Coil Frame & shaft assembly.
All new end discs, seals, mounting blocks, standard shell with knockoffs (not split), torque wrench, all new fasteners.
Comes with an "As New" 1 year warranty.
In stock.
Customer list price $45,000 Ex works.
Our HMI customer price $42,250.

Young Rotating Grapple

Size 4 yard
Model K0400
Width Closed 70"
Inside Height Closed 68"
6" Cylinders
Extended Length 46"
New Henzel Tynes installed
Price on Request

(2) Rectifiers

Excellent condition
Mfg: Kinetics
Input: 480V 10.1 Amps
Output: 240V DC 33.3 Amps
8.4 Kva
8.0 Kw
Price on Request